This is a historic moment for Art Shortlist! We are pleased to present our first physical exhibition in Paris.

Art Shortlist is taking over an art gallery by showcasing the works of 4 artists from its online platform: Maxence Doré, Jéko, Thibault Laget-ro and Ludovic Thiriez. An exhibition open to the public to discover from January 27 to February 8, 2022 at the Atelier Véron.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant & Ludwig Otte - January 14, 2022

Originally an online marketplace for collectors, artists and art professionals, Art Shortlist breaks the codes by proposing its first exhibition within four walls.

This first edition of Art Shortlist's group show brings together 4 arthortlisters. These are among the first artists to have joined the platform at its creation in September 2019, which has a very strong symbolism for them and Art Shortlist.

Each artist has a unique universe and techniques, resulting in a figurative encounter accompanied by an abstract touch.

By mixing their respective artistic universes and going from digital to physical, this first edition provokes an upheaval in the French and European art scene.

The curator of the exhibition is none other than Ludwig Otte, founder of Curating Eye.

Maxence Doré (France)

The cosmic atmosphere revealed by Maxence Doré takes us beyond our human dimension and brings an abstract touch to the exhibition.

Lignes d'écume 3.3, Maxence Doré, 2021, mixed media on dibond, 100 x 70 cm

Maxence Doré's works immerse us in large-scale landscapes. His work focuses on the search for movement, giving an impression of volume thanks to the materials used.

Jéko (France)

For his part, Jéko reveals an imaginary world mixing both a touch of abstraction and figurative subjects. Articulated by a rich palette, his creativity shows the extent of his talent notably thanks to his ease to produce through mixed techniques.

Elle attend, Jéko, 2020, mixed media on canvas, 130 x 97 cm

One of her paintings stands out in this exhibition, this woman sitting in a refined ensemble, her presence accompanies the visitor with kindness and humanity.

Thibault Laget-ro (France)

Thibault Laget-ro has a more figurative and narrative approach, the background of his paintings leads us to the desired representation.

À deux pas d'Eden, Thibault Laget-ro, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 81 cm

His characters, voluntarily anonymous, stand out thanks to a few lines underlined by shadows and thanks to the different color tones used. Being put on an equal footing, the subjects represented humanize the exhibition in a style close and inspired by Pop Art.

Ludovic Thiriez (Hungary)

In an imaginary universe filled with innocence, Ludovic Thiriez reveals a landscape softened by color tones that wonderfully accompany his representations. His paintings tell stories in the manner of fairy tales where the viewer has the possibility to imagine the end of the story…

Lost Carebear, Ludovic Thiriez, 2021, mixed media on canvas, 90 x 60 cm

His work highlights an atypical and fantastic universe. For example, he is inspired by tropical trees and motifs from his adopted country: Hungary. He plays between figurative elements and more graphic and geometric motifs.

His approach alternates between a meticulous and free technique. In a kind of magic, trees and plants find their way in a perfect visual balance.

Important information

Address: Atelier Véron, 31 rue Véron, 75018 Paris

Dates: From January 27 to February 8, 2022

Vernissage: January 27th at 6pm

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday - 11 am to 7 pm

Subway: Blanche (Line 2) - Abbesses (Line 12)