Since the launch of the Art Shortlist platform, our customers have been benefiting from an electronic signature solution. This innovative process has many advantages. Discover how it facilitates and secures online art buying and selling operations.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant - January 18, 2021

The electronic signature, a 21st century's tool

At Art Shortlist, we use the service offered by the world leader in the field: Docusign. This key player is present in more than 180 countries and offers tools adapted to the high demands of the art world.

This electronic signature tool allows our customers to sign a confirmation of sale or purchase. The confirmations we send are carefully drafted by our team of lawyers and contain all the terms and conditions of the transaction.

The signature can be done from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Some clients who did not have great computer skills have literally been bluffed by the simplicity of this trusted service.

Advantages for our customers

In the context of the sale or purchase of an artwork through a trusted intermediary like us, electronic confirmation clarifies, formalizes and secures each transaction. Our client does not have to travel to finalize his purchase or sale.

Moreover, the e-signature has an undeniable advantage: it combines simplicity with legal security equivalent to a paper signature. Many laws have given the electronic signature the same probative force as the handwritten signature. In particular, we can mention three regulation systems that have been put in place: eIDAS in Europe, NIST-DSS in the United States and ZertES in Switzerland.

Each signature made via Docusign is time-stamped and sent by return to the signatory. In addition, signed electronic documents are stored in optimal security conditions. For this purpose, digital safes are made available to us to store these qualified electronic signatures.

A leading technology used in many fields (except art)

The electronic signature offers security at all times. It meets the most stringent European, American and global standards. In fact, e-signatures use the world's most powerful data encryption technologies.

The electronic signature is already ubiquitous in justice, high level sport, finance, medicine, and the business world in general. So the time has come to overturn the aging codes of the art market and impose the electronic signature!