The British artist internationally known for his committed stencils has confirmed that he is in Ukraine to support the Ukrainian people through his street art.

Banksy published a photo of a work on a building gutted by Russian bombs in the city of Borodianka located in the suburbs of Kiev.

Subsequently, six other works have been spotted in Ukraine.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - November 25, 2022

Banksy in support of Ukraine

On the night of Friday 11 to Saturday 12 November 2022, the street artist confirmed to be the author of at least one mural located in the suburb of Kiev in Borodianka.

Banksy posted three photos of this stencil with the caption "Borodyanka, Ukraine." This creation depicts a gymnast balancing on the rubble of a massive bombed-out building.

Other stencils spotted near Kiev

Since the publication of the English artist on Instagram, many Internet users are sharing other creations attributable to Banksy located in Ukraine.

Let's take a few moments to dwell on these works that are no less interesting than the first one that was made official by the artist.

David against Goliath

This incredible work shows us a young boy knocking down a man in a judo fight.

It could be titled David against Goliath as this fresco is so representative of the power struggle between Ukraine and its Russian invader.

If you take into account that Vladimir Putin is a big fan of judo, this piece takes on even more significance and meaning.

The Ukrainian defense minister reacted to the creation on his Twitter account, "We are stronger than David, they are weaker than Goliath."

A little dancer

Other works discovered by Ukrainians that may be by Banksy include this little girl with a ribbon in her hand dancing on the ruins of a building.

This stencil, which is located in Irpine, would bring a little support and lightness in the middle of an area already very affected by the bombings.

A penis as a missile launcher

With this provocative work, the artist used an existing penis tag on a wall to transform it into a missile launcher.

We see a military truck and three men preparing to send missiles.

A man in the bath

This old man taking his bath, here is what could be another Banksy work in Ukraine.

Two children playing on a military obstacle

Another creation that could be from the British stencil artist, his style is well present on this wall.

The work presents two children playing on a trebuchet swing materialized by a "Czech hedgehog", an anti-tank obstacle composed of pieces welded together at right angles. A picture is worth more than a thousand words...

The woman with the fire extinguisher

The last work discovered that could be of Banksy. It is a woman in a bathrobe with a fire extinguisher in her hand...

A few days later, Banksy claimed all the works