The Art Shortlist team has identified 5 essential questions to ask yourself before purchasing an artwork.

We recommend that you go through these questions in order to make a serene and thoughtful decision.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - February 28, 2022

1 - What are my objectives in buying this work?

Before worrying about the other aspects, it is important to have a clear idea of your objectives.

Artshortlisters during a private visit of our exhibition in Paris

Are you buying this work only by passion, to invest or both? It is always better to combine these two reasons for purchase in order to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Once you have set your acquisition objectives, you can move on to the next step.

2 - Is the provenance of the work reliable?

Don't ignore this point as it is crucial! Make sure that the path of the work between its creation and your purchase is perfectly traceable.

Take all the time you need to find out and analyze the situation. Do not hesitate to ask the seller questions and, if necessary, to contact a specialist who will be able to investigate for you.

When buying a contemporary work, you can directly contact the artist if you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of the work and/or its provenance.

Of course, the presence of a certificate of authenticity is always a plus, it will provide you with significant guarantees.

3 - Is the format of the artwork suitable for my home?

Let's move to a more practical question. If you want to buy a painting, a sculpture or any other type of artwork, the measuring tape will be your best ally.

Take the necessary measurements and make sure that the dimensions of the artwork you are interested in are appropriate for the place where you wish to install it.

Then, we invite you to verify if the work is adapted to your environment, is it in agreement with your decoration, do the colors of the work marry with the dominant colors of your house?

4 - Are the conservation conditions optimal to welcome the work in my home?

Once the work is acquired, it will go to its new home, nevertheless, it will have to be welcomed as it should be, that is why you must first check that all the good conservation conditions will be respected.

This aspect is too often neglected by collectors and is crucial if you want to preserve the work and avoid inconveniences.

5 - Will it be possible to resell the work in the future?

When we buy a piece of art, we don't necessarily think about reselling it. Nevertheless, in case of a hard blow or unforeseen event, we may need to sell it quickly.

Before buying, we advise you to analyze the dynamism of the market concerned in order to anticipate a possible resale and to have solutions ready in case of need.