Art Shortlist gives you 5 good reasons to build up an art collection, whether you are a private individual or a company.

Art Shortlist
by Thibault de Watrigant - January 3, 2021

1 - An acquisition of passion

Art is above all a means of escape, of cultivating oneself and awakening one's senses. Studies even show that being in contact with works of art has an impact on areas of the brain, particularly those related to love, pleasure and desire. So what could be better than art to open up to the world, stimulate creativity and build a personal collection based on passion?

A quote from Brancusi gives a beautiful definition of what passion for art can be: "What really means something in art is joy. You don't need to understand. What you see makes you happy. It's all there."

2 - A unique way to bring your interior to life

The presence of works of art in your living space makes it come alive and to your taste. Anyone who owns works of art will tell you: life is bound to be more beautiful in a living room decorated with beautiful artworks. You have the freedom to make unusual, coherent or even totally eccentric associations. No one will judge you, you are at home after all. On the other hand, don't present your collection to your friends or family, do it for yourself; art is shared, so don't scare your guests, let them appreciate it for themselves.

If you want to decorate an office, avoid interiors that are too original, unless it is in line with your company's image. Works of art are a way to reassure your clients, to show that you know other areas than the one for which you are being called upon.

3 - A reliable investment that can be profitable

If you do it in a thoughtful and long-term way, buying art can help you to achieve great results. The art market is a separate asset class and has very low correlation with other asset classes such as real estate, equities, bonds and commodities. Buying art first of all allows you to diversify your assets and not "put all your eggs in one basket".

To get an idea of the opportunities offered by the art market at the moment, we have decided to highlight a few figures that reflect this trend. According to Art Price, for a purchase of a work of art worth more than $20,000, the work can take on average 9% in value per year, colossal! The figures for works worth more than $100,000 are striking, they have a return that can go from 12 to 15% on average per year. Admittedly, this type of acquisition is not for everyone, but if the buyer is well advised, it can become a very profitable investment.

Art Shortlist is there to help you with your acquisitions. Our company has all the skills needed to build a solid collection that will preserve your capital over the long term. The first basic piece of advice we can give you before investing in a work: close your eyes and imagine in 2050, which artists will be the best rated? Never forget that it is the collectors who make the prices and trends of tomorrow...

4 - An effective tool to cultivate yourself and open up to the world

When we buy an artwork, we like to learn about its meaning, its provenance, the technique used, its author and the movement to which it is attached, its period and anything that can help us better appreciate the work. The snowball effect can thus operate, by knowing an artist, we want to know his masters, his relatives and his followers. As an enthusiast, one often seeks to find artists or comparable works, to keep the dream alive and to flesh out the meaning that the artist wished to give to his creation.

At the same time, art is a fabulous way to open up to the world. It will push you to go to exhibitions, to travel to the lands of your favourite artists, to meet passionate people like you. Art is in fact in itself a powerful social network!

5 - Because with Art Shortlist, it's simple, secure and you pay the fair price

As you will have understood, buying art offers important advantages, however, to be a good collector, passion must be the first motive for buying. With Art Shortlist, you can make offers to buy while preserving your identity. You negotiate until you reach an agreement on the price, and to formalise each transaction, all you have to do is sign an electronic confirmation. Our team takes care of organizing the arrival of the work at your home and your payment is held until the work is received by you.

Moreover, our commission rate is the lowest on the market at the moment, only 10%. So it does not penalize you by making your final investment too expensive. Simply compare our rate with the commissions charged at auctions or private sales, which are between 25 and 50%.

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