Collecting art is not something you can improvise, so in order to deal with all situations, Art Shortlist introduces you to 11 accessories to have at home to collect art the way it should be.

Art Shortlist
by Art Shortlist - April 13, 2022

1 - A measuring tape

To begin with, your best ally will undoubtedly be the measuring tape.

This tool will allow you to measure your works and determine the ideal location to hang them.

2 - A drawing folder

A must-have if you already own unframed works on paper or if you wish to acquire some in the future.

With a drawing folder you can safely transport them and even store them before framing.

3 - Silk paper

Nothing better to protect your works on paper when they are in their cardboard portfolio.

Silk paper provides a soft nest for your works.

4 - A wood lamp

We praised the merits of this magic lamp in our article Wood's lamp: an essential tool for analyzing a painting?

Wood's lamp will be especially useful if you collect modern and antique art.

5 - A hammer

The emblem of the auctioneers is also a precious tool for the art lovers.

The hammer will mainly be used to fix your hooks to the wall and thus to secure the installation of your works.

6 - Hooks

An essential element for a successful hanging: the hook. They come in different sizes depending on the weight of the work to be hung.

We recommend that you choose good quality hooks, even if you have to pay a high price for optimal security. Brass hooks are generally the most solid and durable.

Special mention for the French company Crochet X which has been founded in 1905 and is a reference in this field.

7 - A stepladder

To hang and unhang a painting in height, what better than a stepladder? Simple and efficient!

8 - A spirit level

It is often difficult to find the perfect orientation to hang your painting, it is sometimes a matter of millimeter.

The spirit level will help you find the perfect angle. With this accessory, installing a piece of art on the wall becomes child's play.

9 - A good lighting system

And the light was! To appreciate your art collection, light is an essential element.

A good lighting system will enhance your artworks and the details will be more beautiful and visible.

The lights will also allow you to determine the atmosphere you want to bring around your art pieces. So it may be worth the investment...

10 - A microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning and maintaining your frames.

Dust or fingerprints on a window? Nothing resists them, but be careful not to use chemical cleaning products that could alter the work.

11 - Handling gloves

Artworks are precious goods, so to avoid leaving marks or damaging them when you handle them, you can bring silk gloves.