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Mixed media on cotton paper




61 cm x 46 cm



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Very good




Toulouse, France


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Alejandro Javaloyas

Emerging artistEmerging artist
Born in 1987


Alejandro Javaloyas was born in 1987 in Mallorca, Spain. He studied traditional drawing and painting in different private art academies until the age of 18. It was then when he started to alternate figurative painting with abstraction, after his discovery of, and later fascination with, Spanish Informalism.

Alejandro understands his own artistic practice in a very broad, humanistic and multifaceted sense. He’s been creating and studying art his entire life. In addition to the aforementioned classical painting training, he studied classical ballet, piano and singing until the age of 18, in avery in-depth and disciplined manner. After that, he obtained his BA in Film Directing from the University of Barcelona. All these different artistic disciplines have definitely impacted and informed his work today as a painter.

After living in Palma, Barcelona, Berlin and Helsinki, Alejandro currently resides in Toulouse, France, where he also has his studio. His abstract paintings can be seen in local and regional galleries, both in Spain and France.

Artist Statement

I have an incarcerating natural inclination towards obsessiveness, perfectionism and excess of control, and my studio is the only space where I give myself permission to loosen up and express not only my thoughts but also my deepest emotions. It is for that reason that my artist practice explores, almost therapeutically, the tension between disproportionate control and freedom, as well as the transformative journey that occurs between the two of them.

The discovery of Spanish Informalism at 16, through a private collection held at the Museo Fundación Juan Marc, in my hometown, felt like a mystical revelation and the beginning of my abstract journey. Fernando Zóbel, Luis Feito, Antoni Tàpies, Antonio Saura, and Eduardo Chillida, among others, are some of my historical back pocket referents still today. I see my practice as the continuation of that same conversation, within the parameters of the contemporary abstract painting scene, and the formal implications that come along.

Process wise, I have a rather minimalistic approach, respecting materials and trying to minimize my canvas interventions to the minimum. Like the Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt once said, "I had to get rid of everything order to save myself." I work on non-primed surfaces, such as raw cotton, linen, cotton paper and vinyl. I often use natural and self-made inks, very fluid and watery acrylics, and low-opacity spray paints, in order to allow for bleeds, nuances, shades and lots of transparencies to happen. It is essential to see the background material, because it sets the palette, tone and atmosphere of the piece.

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